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The natural healing powers of acupuncture


About and Why

I am the sacred tree.
The majestic tree that inspires well-being.
I release stress, I soothe the mood.
I am the linden tree.
Anchored in the ground, looking up to the sky,
I am power and calm.
Strength and serenity.
Vigor and harmony.
I am the balance of the elements.

I am a linden tree, a tree without equal.
A benefactor tree.
A protective tree.
I am good for everyone.

I know how to calm and soothe the spirit.
I know how to awaken the spirit of youth as well as regenerate the youth of the body.
I know how to reactivate beauty and well-being.

My shade in the middle of summer is a haven.
My branches shelter a buzz of life.
My flowers soothe stress; my buds rejuvenate the skin.
My sap revitalizes the cells.
I am a fabulous elixir.”     

Linden Acupuncture by Palliano
Linden acupuncture


acupuncturem healling chronic pain

Pain + Chronic Pain  

Linden acupuncture

I have been benefiting from acupuncture for 18 years. I have seen numerous practitioners during this time.

Lucie Kotynkova is one of the best acupuncturists I have ever been treated by. Lucie is more than a practitioner - she is a true healer. She is guided energetically to where she needs to place her needles. She is an incredible listener and really understands the therapeutic process of acupuncture. I could not recommend Lucie more. I am so grateful to know her, and to be treated by her.



I experienced a spider bite that was toxic followed with a ruptured spleen and then shingles a little over a year ago. Lucie treated me with acupuncture needling. I fully recovered quickly and have a heart of gratitude for her. She utilizes all 5 pillars of health: physical, chemical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

It has been a joy to watch her develop her own style of healthcare. Her life story is amazing to me, her wisdom and understanding of the body is beyond reproach. I am honored to be her mentor and friend. I highly recommend Linden Acupuncture for your healthcare needs.





I know Lucia Kotynek from 2016 as a client and friend. She is  responsible, Loyal Happy Loving Person. Her enthusiasm It's in her and around her. She is very educated in many fields and now SHE IS MASTER of  ACUPUNCTURE. Her patients are going to have  in her  all of Bow  Caring Enthusiastic  Professional Healer. I was very satisfied with the acupuncture session, which took place in complete calm and with a great professionalism. I would highly recommend Lucy.


Lucie is a caring, thoughtful and attentive practitioner of the Healing Arts. She cares deeply about the health and well-being of her clients. Acupuncture is more than just needles; it’s about helping your body take care of itself. Lucie is skilled at determining how each person’s issues affect their well-being and adjusts each treatment for the best possible outcome. She has helped me resolve my chronic pain issues so that I can continue to lead an active lifestyle.


Lucie is a careful and thoughtful practitioner.  She spent a lot of time with me at the start of our appointment, discussing what I was feeling and talking through possible explanations.  She explained the treatment as we went along and answered all of my questions.  The treatment was very comfortable and relaxing, and I look forward to returning for my next appointment with her!  I recommend her for anyone who might be looking to try acupuncture treatment for the first time, as well as those who have had experience with other practitioners. 



Lucie Kotynkova     |    (360) 954-0717 cell    |

Thank you! I will answer soon as possible!


Where you can find me and my Linden acupuncture


Lucie Kotynkova, LAc. 


811 NE 112th Ave, Suite 101

Vancouver, WA 98684

(360) 892-2226 office

(360) 954-0717 cell 

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