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Why linden acupuncture? The linden connects all attributes of healing. It is a symbol of peace, hope and love. Lindens can heal and soothe the spirit as well as regenerate the body, reactivate beauty and promote well-being. Acupuncture offers the same. Acupuncture is an ancient practice originating in China. It is used to help alleviate the symptoms of several bodily conditions and complaints. Many patients find that acupuncture offers temporary relief from even the very first treatment. This builds up over additional treatments for a more long-lasting effect.

Linden Acupuncture

Imagine, if you will, two major rivers of energy flowing from your mouth. One flows towards your feet in the front and the other flows over your head and down the back of your body. Originating from these two main energy rivers are twelve tributary rivers – meridians of energy. It is crucial in sustaining life that these tributaries flow smoothly with each tributary, taking two hours for a complete cycle, and 24 hours for the entire body to cycle through the tributaries and the main rivers. Anytime there is a damming of the flow of the tributaries, the energy will stagnate and cause disease in the body.

Linden Acupuncture

We have five pillars that sustain our body in healthy balance: physical, chemical, mental, emotional and spiritual. If one or more of these components become stressed or distressed, disease can result.  Physical trauma will affect the chemical needs of the body, both during the initial trauma stress, and during the healing of that trauma. It will also effectually impact the mental, emotional and spiritual pillars. Trauma injuries such as scar tissue, fractures, contusions and abrasions can block the flow of the tributaries previously mentioned. This blockage is not a temporary solution, but rather an adaptive process which manifests as disease. Lesions within the muscle fibers, arthritis, organ system dysfunctions such as pneumonia, irritable bowel syndrome, cardiovascular issues and many others, all manifest disease processes. The health weaknesses come from pillar stresses. These also affect the flow of the tributaries and cause disease.

Acupuncture is the art, philosophy and science involved in treating and eliminating the blockages of the rivers, or meridians. Acupuncture acknowledges the spiritual aspects of healing, in addition to the physiological aspects.

Linden Acupuncture

Lucie has an adaptable and inquisitive spirit that lets her thrive anywhere and to continue learning every day. She has transplanted herself into new countries, cultures and languages multiple times, and has thrived through the transitions. These cross-cultural experiences have complemented her quest for new experiences and knowledge, keeping her open to perspectives that are new and different from her own. 

Linden Acupuncture

Lucie is a methodical thinker, drawing on her academic background in health sciences, philosophy, economics and sociology to better understand the human condition and how individual wellness is linked to societal well-being. She has a nurturing nature and maintains a keen sense of awe and wonder at the intricacies of health, and she infuses all this into her holistic medicine practice. She holds a deep interest in family health — and the health of women and children in particular — and it is a focus of her training. As a mother, sister and daughter, she recognizes that women's health is central to the health of communities and society. She also has professional interests in physiology and addiction treatment.
Lucie graduated from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in June 2023, and previously studied philosophy, sociology and economy in Europe. She is fluent in Czech, German and English.



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